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The Many faces of DEAN TAYLOR

Dean Taylor - The Many faces of.....

Hilarious characters including Little Britain`s Lou & Andy, Vicky Pollard, Ozzy Osbourne, Ali G, Austin Powers, Kevin & Perry, Borat ( that Mankini!) and others will leave your guests/clients laughing hysterically.

Dean Taylor – a dead ringer with his celebrity characters – Graham Donohoe (The Sun Newspaper).

The Wonderful Dean Taylor – stooging around portraying celebrities with his masterstroke of comic timing – Mar Richie (The Stage Newspaper).

Dean Taylor – the impressionist creates a fun energy, a catalyst at a party, he sounds almost evangelical when discussing his modus operendi – Tony Barrell (The Sunday Times).

Available for Corporate Hospitality, Public or Private Functions, Venue Openings, Nightclubs, Universities, Summer or Christmas Balls, Barmitzvahs, Product Launches, Presentations, Promotions, Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Theme nights.

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